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sábado, 23 de febrero de 2008

"Violeta" en el Montage Video dance Festival

"Violeta" ha sido seleccionado para formar parte del Montage Video dance Festival, que se celebra este fin de semana en Johannesburgo (South Africa), dentro del festival FNB Dance Umbrella (Londres). Se proyectará en el Wit Downstairs Theatre, cnr Jorrison and Station Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburgo, South Africa.
El programa del festival es el siguiente:

  • Montage 2008 Main Parts 1 & 2 *: Inter-national and local award-winning and renowned video dance makers: Part 1

    1. Living Colours, 2006. Directed by Guillaume le Grontec, of France;

    2. Relief, 2007. Directed by Bastien Genoux and Fabienne Berger, of Switzerland;

    3. Night Practice, 2007. Directed by Susanna Wallin, of the UK;

    4. Site, 2006. Directed by Douglas Rosenberg and Allen Kaeja, of Canada;

    5. 7 Colours, 2007. Directed by Elena Merino, of Spain;

    6. Moebius, 2007. Directed by Claudia Kappenberg of the UK.

    Part 2

    7. Aufwärts, 2007. Cie Laroque by Chris Amrhein and Helene Weinzierl of Austria;

    8. cargo, 2007. Directed by Kelly Hargraves, of Canada;

    9. Rue des Petites Maries, 2004. Directed by Laurence Rebouillon, of ex nihilo danse, France;

    10. Moments, 2007. Directed by Liliana Resnik, of Croatia

    11. freedom, 2008. Directed by Jeannette Ginslov, of SA.

    Montage Fringe 2008 *: Twenty five experimental and off-beat video dance works are featured from: Greece, US, UK, France, Canada, Wales, Germany, Scotland, Slovenia and Sweden and South America. Order of works and titles to be announced. There is one local entry: Karohano, by Jeannette Ginslov & Inzalo Dance Company South Africa.

    * Order of appearance is subject to change.

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    trainofdreams dijo...

    Me encantan tus videos, ya los pude ver en youtube, espero que pronto podais terminar azul..
    Que todo os fuera bien en Montage Video dance Festival.
    Preciosa página